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Personalized Product Discovery to Increase Lead Conversion

AutoIntel is a software solution that presents personalized product recommendations to optimize user engagement and amplify lead conversion.

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You can’t win on the showroom floor if you don’t first win online.

Our product combines user insights, inventory data, and product features to deliver a uniquely personalized customer experience at scale. Three solutions can be implemented together or individually: Recommender System, Intelligent Chat: Whiz, and Product Configurator.

Our Solutions

No More Guesswork About Your Customers’ Needs

Recommender System

The Recommender System delivers a personalized digital experience to prospective buyers and includes: Targeted model/make recommendations, vehicle features configuration, and inventory matching. Our recommendation analytics help sellers understand their customers, convert them into buyers, and upsell at various points during their digital journey.
The Recommender System from AutoIntel

Intelligent Co-Pilot: Whiz

The Intelligent Co-Pilot: Whiz enables dialogue between prospective buyers and product experts, backed by behavioral analysis and data science. It reduces complexity of the digital retail consideration journey to foster a meaningful exchange and drive sales conversion.
The Whiz Chat from Autointel

Product Configurator

The Product Configurator offers a flexible cross-domain rule validation engine via flexible API endpoints and handles time-varying product data natively. Using the configurator, prospective buyers can customize products to their liking and seamlessly find relevant available inventory.
The Product Configurator from Autointel

Customer Dossier

The Customer Dossier provides dealers with real-time insights about high purchase-intent customers and leads to help them suggest the right inventory and configuration options, personalize follow-up conversations and lift conversion and upsell margins
The Customer Dossier from Autointel

Our Product Impact


Real-time Recommendations Served each Month


Average increase across engagement metrics


Increase in lead submission rate from engaging with AutoIntel recommendations


Increase in configuration price from engaging with AutoIntel recommendations

Insights Dashboard: Product Demand, Supply Chain and Customer Preferences

AutoIntel impacts the entire value chain – from understanding what product configurations are needed in stock to reducing inventory costs and providing insights for future product development. Our visual analytics dashboard exposes granular market trends and highlights inventory gaps.

Under the Hood

Advanced analytics, machine learning, and proprietary algorithms built with significant domain expertise to enable tailored solutions that overcome industry-specific challenges.

Automotive Metaspace
Automotive Metaspace

The AutoIntel Metaspace facilitates seamless mapping of product data across models and OEMs and acts as layer between data ingestion and our ML models.

Intent Modelling

Our intent model leverages user interaction & metadata to classify latent intent and adjust personalization logic accordingly.

AutoIntel Deep Hybrid Recommender
Deep Hybrid Recommender

Our hybrid recommender system leverages interaction metadata with deep learning layers in order to overcome cold-start problems & maximize predictive power. We also provide more interpretable linear models where they fit business requirements.

AutoIntel Vehicle Similarity Metrics
Vehicle Similarity Metrics

The Vehicle Distance Kernel uses our proprietary metaspace, both in the product and user preference domain, to determine vehicle-to-vehicle similarity (i.e., identifying best inventory matches).

AutoIntel Whiz Chat
Whiz Co-Pilot

The Whiz platform enables customers to communicate with automotive experts via chat as they are configuring their build. The platform incorporates machine learning to facilitate easy communication between the user and the expert.

Autointel Dashboard

Our dashboard visualizes prospective customers' feature preferences giving critical insights to OEMs and dealers about trends in their relevant market. This tool informs inventory planning, which connects highly sought-after vehicles with future customers, beating the competition.

What Our Customers Say


"I was looking for a marketing tool to drive sales conversions and support our e-commerce experience (specifically increasing lead submissions). The AI toolset does just that! It gives our customers relevant content increasing the likelihood of lead submissions."

Marketing Strategy

"Leveraging user data, the AutoIntel recommender displays pre-configured vehicles tailored to each customer’s preferences.  These individualized builds have been very helpful in understanding our customer’s preferences to improve our marketing strategy."

Product Innovation

"AI data is very valuable for us. We can use data points from the customer configuration process to inform future supply chain decisions as we innovate new features and functionalities."


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